Tom Swanner

tomstaffTom Swanner spent eight years in Los Angeles chasing his dream to be a working actor. He was in a number of commercials and small roles before he moved back to his hometown of Sacramento. He then began working on the distribution side of the film industry and started reviewing as a hobby in a local club newsletter.

Spotting Swanner’s talent, a gay newspaper recruited him as a DVD reviewer. When the publication folded, Swanner turned to writing plays and penned six plays that have received numerous award nominations and critical success. He went on to serve as Artistic Director and board president with Lambda Players Theater for several years.

In 2004 a new LGBT newspaper, Q-Ragg, approached Swanner with the idea of doing film reviews. However the publisher felt Swanner needed a partner in crime. Enter Brian Judd. Swanner and Judd have reviewed together for over 12 years.

Tom teamed up with Matt Burlingame to begin recording Chubs Gone Wild after Matt retired his long running personal journal podcast Spankingbeaarthur. The show, originally titled No Fats, No Femmes, became Chubs Gone Wild several months after its launch and soon became one of the most popular body-positive personal journal podcasts.

Swanner lives in Sacramento, CA with his husband Sean.